Meaning of being a women

This can be my personal opinion because the great men have been the first to contribute to the fight for women’s rights. They always encouraged the women to protect their dignity and their existence. In India, the woman was kept before men, but the invaders made us beast and brutal and we forgot morality and humanity. Today the meaning of being a woman has changed. Somewhere, our upbringing is responsible for our present scenario : –

The more I keep these barriers aside,
The more they overtake me.
The meaning of being a woman
Is to accept these boundaries somehow
From childhood to death
These protective cages secure us
but also have their own conditions
To follow them is a woman’s destiny.
These boundaries made us women weak and dependent!
Giving birth to the world from its womb
Nowadays in every way, is being exploited
Whether it is a mother, sister, or wife
Fly as much as you can
but at last, you will have to come inside these cages
Sita once violated the boundary
The whole history changed,
Burnt in the fire, she had to go inside the earth
It’s not easy to get out of these boundaries
The luxuries of the cages bring us back to them.
We became a part of these cages
Father, brother, husband ,son are four enclosures
We have been given these boundaries from the day we were born.
If you leave them then you will get names like Black Ship of family, Blot on society
To follow their rules is our destiny.


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