Memories of Happiness
Soothe the soul in misery.

Waiting for spring blossom
One must cope with winter.

No new creation comes into
Existence without pain
Every change needs
Courage for bearing pain.

Don’t lose heart, O branch!
Alas! Your dear leaves are falling down
But their sacrifices not in vain.

Your affection and care –
will not perish
They will grow on you again
Though in a different way.
You will have to bear little pain.
Will have to stay in the wind.

Her eyes were full of tears
Her heart was crying
She lit her inward lamp.

The optimistic soul didn’t lose her hope.

So patient you are, O Branch!
Now time bends upon you.
No sign of sorrow now
You now have so many leaves on you.

For life, has always been a mixture
of ups and downs

And for the wellness of ours
God had always been drinking poison.



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