If behind your devotion and surrender you make a cover for your desires , egoistic demands and vital insistences ,if you put these things in place of of the true aspiration or mix them with it and try to impose them on the Divine Shakti, then it is idle to invoke the Divine Grace to transform you.

In all that is done in the universe, the Divine through his Shakti is behind all actions but he is veiled by his Yoga Maya and works through the ego of the Jiva in the lower nature.

To live within, in constant aspiration towards the Divine – that renders us capable of regarding life with a smile and remaining in peace whatever the external circumstances.

All renunciation is for a greater joy yet ungrasped. Some renounce for the duty done , some for the joy of peace, some for the joy of God and some for the joy of self – torture, but renounce rather as a passage to the freedom and untroubled rapture beyond.

Sri Aurobindo

“O Truth, Come, Manifest”.

My salutations to his holy spirit of Aurobindo🙏🙏

Thanks for reading this. May God always inspire us for righteousness.



  1. Although I am not a Hindu believer, the meaning of sacrifice in Christian belief is not entirely dissimilar. Some renounce for duty, some renounce for peace, and some renounce for the joy of God. Christ’s sacrificial suffering and death is the method by which human beings can be reconciled to God. ❤

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